API Bill Priority

Press Release - API Legislative Caucus Announces 2021 Policy Priorities


Hate Crimes Bill Package:

SB 17 (Pan) – Declares racism a public health crisis and creates the Office of Racial Equity to ensure racial equity in our state government.


AB 28 (Chau) — Helps to prove intent when hate crimes are committed by establishing that a person may be deemed to have acted in whole, or in part, because of the perceived characteristic of the victim, or other person, if they commit certain actions. It further increases the criminal fines for committing hate crimes and uses the additional fines to fund programs on racial or ethnic sensitivity, or other similar training in the area of civil rights.


AB 557 (Muratsuchi) — Requires the California Department of Justice to establish and maintain an accessible toll-free hotline number and an online form for reporting hate crimes and discriminatory incidents.


AB 886 (Chiu) — Funds community-based organizations that facilitate culturally competent and mental health services for victims of hate violence and restorative justice programs.


Additional API Caucus Policy Priorities:

AB 339 (Lee) — Allows for continued remote participation in local and state hearings and meetings, and expands language access.


AB 401 (Chiu) — Ensures everyone using EDD services has access to in-language support.


AB 789 (Low) — Requires health facilities and clinics that provide outpatient primary care services in California to offer voluntary screening for hepatitis B and C, and provides people who test positive with follow-up health care and treatment or referrals for care and treatment.


AB 915 (Chiu) — Establishes a clear and consistent accountability process to ensure all State entities meet their 25% goal for minority, small business, and disabled veterans’ business participation in state procurements and contracts. This measure also establishes a definition for “Disadvantaged Business Enterprises” for state contracting purposes.


AB 937 (Kalra) — This bill, the Voiding Inequality and Seeking Inclusion for Our Immigrant Neighbors (VISION) Act, which would protect refugee and immigrant community members — who have already been deemed eligible for release — from being funneled by local jails and the state prison system into immigration detention.


AB 1040 (Muratsuchi) — Expands access to ethnic studies courses at each community college district and requires the completion of a three-unit ethnic studies course for associate degree completion, addressing a gap in our public education curriculum. 


AB 1236 (Ting) — Requires the collection of demographic data for all registered health professions under the Department of Consumer Affairs.


AB 1358 (Muratsuchi) — Requires that all 58 counties have to release standardized and disaggregated data, add additional ethnic groups to the data collection, and incorporate language and race (disaggregated) in the state’s Health Equity Metric of the CA Healthy Places Index (HPI).