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  • Fight racial stereotypes and negative portrayals of APIs in the media.
  • Strengthen protections against hate crimes and defend the civil rights and liberties of APIs.
  • Ensure language access and culturally competent services in government programs.
  • Preserve safety net health, mental health, and social service programs that serve the API community.
  • Ensure the API community has equal access to education, social services, health, mental health, and other government programs and services.
  • Increase API representation in all levels of government, including statewide appointments and statewide elected offices.


Welcome to the California Asian & Pacific Islander (API) Legislative Caucus website. Here you will find information about the Members and activities of the API Legislative Caucus. There are also resources, such as past publications and legislative priorities, which are provided to assist you in better understanding and connecting with the legislative process.

Accounting for about 16% of the state's population, Asian and Pacific Islander Americans (APIA) continue to be among the fastest growing racial and ethnic groups in the state. California is home to about one-third of the nation's APIA population. As part of the substantial demographic shift in recent decades, the Caucus was founded in 2001 and serves to represent and advocate for the interests of the APIA community, including increasing APIA representation and participation at all levels of government.

The API Legislative Caucus will continue to serve, represent, and advocate for the interests of the APIA community and all Californians. With the continued growth and political involvement of the APIA community, we hope to continue addressing the needs of this population in order to bring positive changes to our communities. Please contact us with your thoughts and suggestions as they are valuable to us.

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